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National Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, November 15th!

Since we are in the last TWO weeks of our pilot program, we want to give everyone a big CHEER for all the hard work they’ve done! So many of you have made time for moving even in the cold, and with heavy work schedules, kids and families! We encourage you to keep. going. Because moving more is helping you live more.

Did you know that Saturday, November 15th is National “Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day”? Take some time to get rid of the things that are slowing you down. We encourage everyone to throw away just ONE thing tomorrow that is keeping you from a healthier life. What will you throw out? Give us a shoutout on Facebook to let us know! Speaking of shoutouts…

Top counties for fall pilot, week 10

Here are this week’s top five counties, based on points, for Nov. 8-14:

  1. Bibb, 126,344 points
  2. Clarke,  3,526 points
  3. Bacon, 3,389 points
  4. Monroe, 1,362 points
  5. Hancock, 1,198 points

Up & Coming Website updates

As we mentioned, we’re now in the last two weeks of the pilot! Please continue to get EXCITED about our re-launch on February 1st! Remember, if you’d like any help getting the word out about Walk Georgia for your business, organization, or school, please contact us! Here is what we have been working on this week:

  • Passwords: This week, we have made it easier and more secure to reset your password.
  • Groups: Group creation just got a whole lot easier, too. You can now categorize your group by school or organization, which will give you greater flexibility and functionality within the reporting and data entry functions!
  • Schools: With the group categorizations, schools will be able to easily enter and sort larger amounts of data, based on the type of classes they are teaching.
  • Instagram: We have a new Instagram! Follow us on Instagram @walkgeorgia for beautiful photos, encouragement and updates!

Do you have a suggestion for us? Email with any questions or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you! Enjoy the football and fun this weekend!

Move more, live more,
The Walk Georgia Team