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Meet Our New Intern! Round 2


Meet Brooks. Brooks is another one of Walk Georgia’s new talents and will be helping our program go farther by contributing her skills in organization and enthusiasm for communication. Brooks is a sophomore at the University of Georgia, studying Agricultural Communications. She is passionate about helping kids and adults learn ways to improve their health. We are so happy to have her on our team! Today she shares with us one of her favorite way to stay motivated! And it just so happens that Walk Georgia will release a brand new tool Monday to help YOU set personal goals! Log in on Monday and see how we can help you move more and live more, for life!  If you have questions for Brooks, email us at!


Move Toward Happiness

by Brooks Saye

I loved the 70-degree days in December, but now that it’s actually cold outside, I have such a hard time convincing myself to get outside and be active. I even tend to use it as an excuse. But, it is so important to stay active, especially during these cold months!

Sometimes all you need is a little motivation – that’s where you need a goal! I find that when I make a goal, I tend to accomplish it. And, I love the satisfaction of checking off a goal I’ve made – especially when it comes to my health and my body.

It’s really important to have both long-term and short-term goals with your health and fitness. For instance, this year, my long-term goal is to run the Chick-fil-A half marathon in Athens. Each week, I have a short-term goal to run a little longer. When I began, I could run one mile (barely), and now, 6 weeks in, I can run 4 miles.

When it snowed in Athens this week, it would have been so easy to not get a run in – but I did, because I had a goal to meet. And it just happened to be my best run yet!

I encourage you to make a goal. Even if your goal is just to go for a 30-minute walk, or play an active game inside– make your goal to be active!

Here are a few steps to help you reach your goal to live a healthier lifestyle:

  1. Decide what type of physical activity is best for you.
  2. Write it down (Or check our new website feature Monday!). If you solidify your goal, you are more likely to hold yourself to it.
  3. Tell someone! Have someone hold you accountable!
  4. Break your goal down by making a plan. For example, if you want to run a 5k, write down how many weeks you want to train before the race, and how many miles you want to run each day of each week.
  5. Celebrate your milestones, no matter how big or small! Reward yourself for all your hard work.

The more you “move more and live more” the happier you will be! Trust me.