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Kids’ Corner: Top 10 physical activities you didn’t know counted as exercise

Tall boy and shorter sister outside standing by pile of leavesWhen you think of being physically active, what comes to mind? For many of us, we probably think of running, jumping, playing sports, dancing or just being outside, playing with friends. It’s doubtful that anyone thinks of everyday, household chores as being physical activity. Did you know that a lot of things that are considered work (and not nearly as fun as playing sports or dancing) could be categorized as physical activity?

There are some household tasks that, if done on a regular basis, can add to your daily physical activity amounts. Below are some daily jobs that you may have never thought of as physical activity. Remember, they are not substitutes for running, jumping, playing sports, dancing or playing outside with friends but, if done with some energy, these activities can be helpful in getting your exercise for the day:

  1. Spreading dirt with a shovel in the garden or yard
  2. Mowing the lawn (Using a push mower—not a riding one!)
  3. Raking leaves
  4. Carrying groceries upstairs
  5. Sweeping, mopping or vacuuming the floors
  6. Clearing the dishes from the table and then hand-washing them
  7. Carrying logs from the yard to the fireplace
  8. Scrubbing the bathtub and sinks
  9. Grocery shopping without a cart
  10. Painting the fence

Next time you do these chores, remind yourself to do them with moderate effort because they help you get more physical activity!