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Kids’ Corner: Don’t let Old Man Winter stop you

Two girls dancing indoorsThe winters in Georgia aren’t always cold, but they can be rainy. And the rain can make it hard to get outside to play, which means you don’t get the exercise you need to be healthy. Here are 10 ideas you can use when you’re stuck inside because it’s wet outdoors.

  1. Have an indoor scavenger hunt. Race to see who can find everything on the list in the shortest amount of time.
  2. Play the game Twister! It really helps you increase your flexibility.
  3. Take the pillows off the beds and couch and create a safe place to run, jump and tumble.
  4. If you have stairs, see if you can climb the length of the Empire State Building before dinner.  The Empire State Building has 1,860 stairs. You can do that! You can even have a relay with teammates to see how long it takes you to climb all the way to the top. See who can get the fastest time. (If you don’t have stairs, go to a shopping mall with your mom or dad and try it there.
  5. Make fruit smoothies. Even when it is cold outside, smoothies are still delicious.
  6. Create an indoor obstacle course where you have to climb over furniture and under tables.
  7. Have a fruit and vegetable tasting party! Using a blindfold might help everyone discover new things that they didn’t know they like.
  8. Call some friends over and have a dance party.
  9. Learn to juggle using plastic grocery bags with the ends tied, or used dryer sheets.
  10. Told to clean your room? See how many steps you can get on a pedometer while cleaning up.

Source: National Association for Sport and Physical Education (NASPE)