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Keeping up the Pace in Winter

Emily Selph, BSFCS, UGA Foods and Nutrition Master’s Student and Dietetic Intern

2017 is now in full swing, and hopefully you have been able to keep your goals and resolutions for the year this far. But if you haven’t, don’t feel guilty; remember that every day is a chance to start fresh!

The unseasonably warm weather we have been experiencing is certainly more conducive to meeting physical activity goals! Although currently the weather begs for you to take a walk outside, a cold snap is inevitable, which might make it harder to stick to your exercise routine. What will you do to maintain your physical activity? Now is the time to make a plan for colder days and resolve to be active whatever the weather.

Of course, you can always continue to exercise outside and withstand the wintry weather. Exercising can be peaceful this time of year; the crisp, cold air can help clear your mind to enjoy the winter landscape. If this is the option for you, make sure to stay warm! You may need to invest in long running tights or pants, long-sleeve, moisture-wicking shirts, and hats or ear warmers. Don’t forget that you can also warm up quickly by increasing the intensity of your physical activity.

Another option is to take your exercise indoors. This is also a good option if your schedule does not allow you to exercise before it gets too dark outside. There are a variety of ways to exercise indoors: take a fitness class, try an indoor sport, or walk or run on a treadmill or indoor track. You could also consider using a workout video to exercise from the comfort of your home, but first make sure you will have plenty of space to move comfortably.

No matter what physical activity you decide to do, make sure to keep track of your progress! Using Walk GA to monitor your physical activity is a great way to keep yourself both honest and motivated! Whether it’s a ten-minute brisk walk during your lunch break, 15 minutes to vacuum the floors, or an hour-long aerobic dance class, write it down! Any physical activity is getting you closer to your health goals. In a few weeks, you can look back on your progress and all of the minutes you have logged so far. It might be just the motivation you need to keep you moving through the cold weather.