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Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween Georgia! There’s nothing scary about the fantastic weather we’ve had, and we hope everyone will use the mild weather to get wild with their walking (or jogging, gardening, frisbee…). Don’t forget to log your extra fall activities to get points!

Last week, we asked what you’ll do to manage those extra Halloween calories coming your way. Don’t forget to check out our suggestions, here.

And here is what everyone has been waiting for; let us just say, “GREAT work this week everybody”!

Top counties for fall pilot, week 8

Here are this week’s top five counties, based on points, for Oct. 25-31:

  1. Bibb, 85,717 points
  2. Atkinson, 21,196 points
  3. Clarke, 7,250 points
  4. Monroe, 6,611 points
  5. Madison, 5,989 points

Website updates

  • Updated Reporting With Sortable & Searchable Tables – Our developers have implemented powerful data organization tools into the reporting feature which will allow you to sort the reports’ data. If you’re the administrator of a group, you can sort every one of your subgroups by name, points, time exercised, etc., and then see the rankings and results appear without ever leaving the page. Additionally, if you want to get a report on a subgroup or an individual, it’s as easy as clicking on the title of the subgroup or user, and you’ll see a report instantly generated.
  • Updated Subgroup Navigation / Member Navigation – We’ve developed a way for users to quickly search and sort what you need to see inside a group, then visit that page by simply clicking one of the options. It is both easy and powerful, and we think you’ll love it. You’ll also be able to see as many or as few subgroups or members as you like, and even search for a specific one in a flash.

Enjoy this Halloween weekend and don’t let cobwebs grow in those tennis shoes! Email with any questions or suggestions. We’d love to hear from you!

Move more, live more,
The Walk Georgia Team