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Gordonia-Alatamaha State Park + Pitcher Plant Bog Habitat Tour

Gordonia-Alatamaha State Park is an unusual natural wonder located at Tattnall County in Southeast Georgia. This puts it in the Coastal Plains region of Georgia. This region of the state has gone through some dramatic geological changes throughout its history. It was underwater for nearly 20 million years, and up until 1 million years ago this region more closely resembled a dense African jungle! Gordonia-Alatamaha inherited a unique ecosystem from this prehistoric ancestry. This park gets its name from the nearly extinct Gordonia tree, which was discovered by the famous botanist William Bartram. The last confirmed sighting of this tree in the wild was in 1803!

Another interesting plant that calls Gordonia-Alatamaha home is the pitcher plant! Pitcher plants fall under the category of carnivorous plants. These plants feed on insects by luring them with brightly colored leaves or sweet smelling nectar. When the poor bug gets close enough, the pitcher plant traps it inside and digests it! Wow! If you want the opportunity to see this plant in action, you’re in luck. Gordonia-Alatamaha hosts a guided ranger tour of the pitcher plant bog habitat for anyone who is interested as part of the Georgia State Park Hidden Gem series!

Pitcher Plant

Pitcher plant

Things to Do:

  • Splash pad
  • Geocaching
  • Miniature golf
  • Playgrounds
  • Stand-up oaddleboard, pedal boat, and aquacycle rental
  • Fishing
  • Boat rental
  • Golf
  • 18-hole Brazell’s Creek golf course
  • 1 mile nature trail
  • Outdoor fitness equipment

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