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Go: It’s National Walking Day (GIVEAWAY)

Today, April 6th, is this year’s National Walking Day! And even though has over 70 different physical activities you can log, we’ll go ahead and admit, walking is our favorite.

Walk Georgia chose walking as our physical activity “mascot” because it is one of the best ways to get active. Walking can be a great start for someone wanting to exercise more, or a great way to stay fit when you can’t dedicate time to a workout routine. Walking doesn’t require equipment or a coach, but can still add years to your life! Walking can reduce your risk for heart disease, obesity and some cancers, lower blood pressure, improve mood, strengthen bones, and decrease risk for diabetes!

Since the Walk Georgia team is committed to helping everyone in Georgia find ways to move more and live more, we ask that you celebrate National Walking Day with us with this National Walking Day Scavenger Hunt, brought to you by our very own team here in Athens!

This is great to do with family and friends at a park, nature center, or anywhere outside. Moreover, it’s a fun way to put more steps in your day!

National Walking Day Scavenger Hunt:


1. WALK to find all these items!
2. To enter the giveaway, take a Selfie with ONE of these finds, OR list all your finds and post it on our Facebook page with the hashtag #WalkGeorgiaHunt
3. Have fun!


  1. A flowering dogwood.
  2. Take a picture of your shoes on red clay.
  3. Give a high-five to someone wearing apparel with any Georgia college, university, or professional sports team
  4. A cow
  5. County line sign
  6. Picture of a peach/peach stand
  7. Farmer’s Market
  8. MLK street — there is one in pretty much every county
  9. Someone cutting the grass
  10. Bulldog statue
  11. State Park/City Park sign
  12. Baseball field
  13. Your City Hall
  14. Penny on the ground
  15. A UGA Extension office 
  16. A school

*Contest ends Monday, 4/11/2016; we’ll pick THREE winners for a Walk Georgia T-shirt!

Don’t forget to log your activity on Walk Georgia! And remember, when you move more, you live more! – The Whole Walk Georgia Team