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Fun Fitness? There’s an App for That

Fitocracy LogoIf you’re new to the whole workout thing, getting and staying motivated can be difficult. Fitocracy is a fun, free way to track your exercise through an online community.

It allows you to record thousands of activities, including taking the stairs over the elevator, as you work toward your goal of getting in shape.  It turns exercise into a game by tracking your progress with points and allowing you to level-up and earn badges. You can also complete quests and challenges if you need something to add some excitement to your exercise routine.

You can access it online, or through a mobile phone app for iPhone or Android smart phones.

What makes this different from other fitness apps is the social network component. You can connect with others who have similar fitness goals, join community groups that answer health question and develop a support system.

Since Walk Georgia only has 55 options to track your work out, Fitocracy can be a more accurate tool for measuring your fitness and keeping you inspired. You can use the app to record your exercise while you’re still at the gym, so you don’t have to worry about forgetting by the time you get to a computer to log your Walk Georgia time.

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