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Fun Fall Weekend Activities

Leaves in fallFall can be the best time to get fit. Reenergize for the upcoming week by planning a variety of interesting outings and activities each weekend.

While you want to be active all week long, you probably have more time to exercise on the weekends. Changing activities on the weekend can prevent boredom and work a different set of muscles.

To decide what you want to do, read the newspaper for upcoming events, check the local parks and recreation department calendar, and read health and fitness magazines. Look for activities that will challenge you, but that are not so strenuous you will be sore and miserable on Monday.

Here are our suggestions to change up your pace:

  • Visit a pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin for carving or to get lost in a corn maze. This gets kids and adults walking, running, bending, lifting and stretching.
  • Rake leaves. While this may sound like work to some people, kids and adults can have a great time piling up the leaves and jumping into them over and over again.
  • Enjoy the trees changing color. The fall is a great time to ride bikes or take hikes to see the fall colors. A great place to do this is a state or local park. Go to to find a state park near you.
  • Have a ball. Pick up those tennis rackets or golf clubs. In the fall, you can still enjoy the sun, but the heat and humidity are starting to disappear. Check out local tennis leagues or take golf lessons.
  • Support a cause. Local charities often have fundraising walks or runs on fall weekends. Training for one of these events can give purpose to your daily workout.
  • Catch a wave. Walk the beach or body surf in the still-warm water. The beaches are less crowded, and you can enjoy the sound of the water. A game of Frisbee can get you and your friends energized.
  • Play on the lawn. At home, play badminton and volleyball. You will run, jump and stretch much more than you realize.
  • Go scavenging. Have a scavenger hunt where people visit local sights on foot and bring back a digital picture at that location to prove they were there.
  • Stuck indoors. If the weather is bad, ping-pong develops good hand-eye coordination and Twister works on strength and agility. Even hiding small buttons or coins in the house will get kids up out of their chairs. A weekend class like martial arts is also a great way to be active when the weather is unpredictable.