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Cobb Schools’ Department of Special Services logs 2,700-plus miles, wins Golden Sneaker

Winner holds Walk Cobb's Golden Sneaker Award

Leigh Anne Bohacek holds the Golden Sneaker Award.

Dubbed the “fitness program for Cobb schools” by Cobb County commissioners, Walk Georgia participation increased by more than 300 participants last fall due to the implementation of the University of Georgia Extension program in Cobb County schools.

A joint effort by the UGA Extension office in Cobb County, the Cobb County School District (CCSD) and Cobb 2020, “a partnership of community organizations and individuals dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles and the delivery of essential health services in Cobb County,” this effort with Walk Georgia is a prime example of how Walk Georgia partnerships help to increase physical activity in Georgians of all ages.

Hope Warren and Cindee Sweda, of Cobb Extension, serve on a Cobb 2020 team focused on nutrition. “As a part of working on this committee, we have been able to partner with other in the effort to fight childhood obesity,” Warren said. In the meantime, Mark Anderson, supervisor of the CCSD Health and Physical Education Department, was seeking “a physical program in which he could ignite participation amongst schoolchildren and teachers,” Warren said.

Cobb Extension and CCSD decided to partner in using the Walk Georgia program, which became known locally as “Walk Cobb.”

About 350 CCSD students and teachers took part in Walk Cobb last fall, growing that county’s registration numbers from almost 300 to more than 600. The program was promoted through posters and literature, and at meetings.

Further, Walk Cobb’s Golden Sneaker Award was set up as a motivational tool. “The Golden Sneaker encourages participation and a consistent devotion to the end goal of walking the most miles while learning the benefits of daily activity,” Warren said.

Classrooms and grades competed, but for fall 2013, the CCSD Department of Special Services received the award for recording more than 2,700 miles.

The conclusion of the current spring Walk Georgia/Walk Cobb session means that the “Golden Sneaker will be passed to the next group that walks the most miles,” Warren said.