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Coconut oil: Friend or Foe? Maybe a little bit of both.

By Alison C. Berg, PhD, RDN, LD So, you’ve heard that fats from plants are better than fats from animals, right? For example, olive oil is better for you than bacon fat, right? But why? Well, the reasoning is that animal fats are primarily the saturated type of fat. Years of scientific…
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No Shame in No Change

By Jenissa Gordon, BSFCS, Master’s Student and Dietetic Intern, and Ali Berg, PhD, RDN, LD When you head home for the holidays or check social media before gathering with old friends, you probably notice the people that have changed. But did you notice the person who, while they haven’t lost…
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7 Happiness Rituals to Adopt Today, Backed by Science

Permission granted from author to republish from Written by Janet Miller. — Psychologists found that happiness is likely a combination of genetics (50%), situation (10%), and individual effort (40%). We can’t control the first two factors, but we have complete control over the third. Here are seven happiness rituals you…
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Who to trust about nutrition?

Agent sharing healthy food

Science professionals, including RDNs, are just as exciting as other bloggers on dietary adventures. The difference is you know RDNs and other trained professionals have science to back it up.
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Predisposed to lung cancer?

Child blowing dandelion

November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month. While lung cancer occurs less often because people are smoking less, it is still one of the most common types of cancer. Some people are more likely to develop lung cancer than others…
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By Kasey Bozeman, 4-H Agent, Liberty County An adventure with a prize at the end … a treasure hunt with players from all over the world … a simple chance to explore the great outdoors … Geocaching (pronounced geo-cashing) is all this and more! Dating back to the turn of…
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Give the Gift of Good Food

Jenissa Gordon, BSFCS, Master’s Student and Dietetic Intern, Alison Berg, PhD, RDN, LD UGA Extension Nutrition and Health Specialist. Have you noticed the Christmas trees creeping in the corners of your usual shopping spots? The weather is cooling down, Halloween candy is on sale, and it’s beginning to look like…
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