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Win With the D.A.S.H Diet

fruits and whole grain

You may be meeting your walking goals, but to be totally fit, you also need to meet some nutrition goals. One diet clinically proven to be healthy is the D.A.S.H. diet. The diet was originally used to control high blood pressure, but now we know it is good for everyone….
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How Much Physical Activity is Enough?

Kids run with mom outside

The Department of Health and Human Services has published guidelines for physical activity based on the most current research. Not surprisingly, these guidelines confirm that active people are more fit and have less risk for many disabling medical conditions and chronic diseases than people who are inactive….
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Just Keep Swimming

Man swimming in pool

You don’t have to be as good as Michael Phelps; swimming is good exercise for just about everyone. It is a low-impact workout that is perfect for people with arthritis, weight limitations or those who experience pain with other exercise…
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Become a Lean, Mean, Muscle Machine

Man takes weights from rack

Strength training is often dismissed as a body builder’s sport. However, you can achieve a lean, firm physique without unwanted muscle mass by following these strength-training tips…
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Get Active by Playing Soccer

Girl hits soccer ball with head

Soccer is the most popular and fastest growing sport in the world. It may also be one of the oldest. Here are some things you should know about soccer…
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Knowing Fat from Fiction

Nutrition Facts label

Reducing total fat intake does not always reduce the risk for heart disease and stroke. It depends on what types of fat you eliminate and what you eat in their place. Here are some ways you can get the healthy fats while limiting the unhealthy ones…
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Run for Your Life

Man sprints to beat stop watch

Like other exercises, running and jogging can help you to control your weight. You burn about 30 percent more calories running than walking because your body works harder to move faster…
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