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Appropriate Attire

People wearing different types of workout attire

Walking is an excellent exercise that nearly everyone can do, just about anywhere. To be comfortable and safe while you walk, here are some tips about what to wear…
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Keeping Active While on the Road

tying shoelaces on sneaker

Are you planning a holiday trip, or do you travel a lot for your job? Being away from home can disrupt your exercise routine and lead to unwanted weight gain and stress. By thinking ahead, you can still include daily physical activity in your busy schedule…
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Drink Smart

lady drinking water outdoors

Want to lose weight? Look at what you’re drinking. Researchers at the University of North Carolina found that the average adult drinks about 230 calories daily and that half of us drink up to 500 calories per day. That is enough to add a pound of weight to your body per week…
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Nutritious Snacks

Child eating healthy breakfas

Drive-through windows, convenience stores and vending machines can become the main source of food for families on-the-go. Making a list of favorite, nutritious foods to keep on hand can make life easier and healthier for the entire family…
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Fun Fall Weekend Activities

Leaves in fall

Fall can be the best time to get fit. Reenergize for the upcoming week by planning a variety of interesting outings and activities each weekend. Here are our suggestions to change up your pace….
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