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Is motivation “ruff” for you? Look to your dog!

Dog with CocaCola ball

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services established guidelines in 2008 that state, at minimum, adults need 150 minutes of physical activity per week. However, 52 percent of American adults don’t get enough physical activity, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.  More than half of the…
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Move More, Live More with Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

By Keishon Thomas Macon-Bibb County Extension Agent During the past several weeks, a new technology craze has invaded our towns and cities – Pokémon Go. People are wandering around aimlessly looking at their phones. So Walk Georgians, let’s understand this new trend, and at the same time educate ourselves about…
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Arthritis: To work out or not to work out?

By Supriya Venigalla, MD, MPH Over this past weekend, two of my close friends called me to ask about arthritis. Their parents had just been diagnosed. It is a scary word, made even scarier when a loved one has to go through it. You want to help them, but you’re…
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Walking School Buses

girl with backpack walking to school

By Jay Morris, Walk Georgia Intern August is here! That means school will be starting soon, if it hasn’t already! Which also means you should plan your commute to avoid the students as they flood back into town, or map out the best route to keep you from getting stuck…
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Waltzing towards Wellness

By Supriya Venigalla, MD, MPH This week, Walk Georgia’s focus is on a fun activity that will keep you smiling even while you sweat — dancing. An art form that is based on a rhythmic sequence of movements, dance is practiced all over the world. Different cultures have their own…
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Beware the Health Halo

By Jordan Lord BS, BSFCS and Alison Berg, PhD, RDN, LD Have you ever accepted that second slice of pie because it was “low carb” or “fat free?” Maybe you ate a whole sleeve of cookies, but weren’t that worried about it because they were labeled “organic.” This phenomenon, known…
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