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Adult Swim

Woman Swimming and Coming Up for Air

Ah, the dog days of summer are upon us. What better way to cool off and move more than a quick swim? Our family enjoys belonging to a local community pool, and I especially love including swimming with my fitness routine. However, I must admit that I’ve been baffled to be one of the only adults who takes advantage of the hourly 15- minute ‘adult swim’ time at the top of each hour.

At first I thought, maybe the water is not warm enough. But, after several summers of loyal community pool use, I’ve seen firsthand that very few fellow adults take part in the long-standing tradition of adult swim. I am sure there are many reasons — such as having to watch after young children and being tired after a long day at the office – but there are few things that refresh me more on a hot, long day than diving into a cool pool and swimming a few laps.

A few of the documented benefits of swimming include[1]:

  • Improved flexibility and strength
  • Builds up endurance
  • Increases muscular flexibility and balance
  • Strengthens the heart
  • Improves physique
  • Increases circulation
  • Rehabilitates muscles/injuries
  • Improved ability to control and maintain healthy weight

If you haven’t tried it yet, grab some goggles and see what you think. You may be surprised how much you enjoy the time in the water, whether it’s a pool, lake or ocean. Don’t let me be the lone ranger another summer!

— Maria Bowie, Program Coordinator, University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences.