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Activity logging, group administration upgraded!

Walk Georgia new winged sneaker logoWe’re thrilled that you’ve been taking the time to communicate with us, whether via email or through our survey. We need your feedback to make the Walk Georgia program better! Please drop us a line with any questions, comments or suggestions you might have—email .

If you’ve used the pilot website, we also encourage you to take our quick survey about your experience so that we know where to make changes and improvements. The survey is available here.

In other, related news, we’re piling on the updates this week:

  • Regarding the date-picker, part of the “Log an Activity” screen: To make the user interface work well, we took into account every kind of device (phone, computer, tablet, etc.) as well as every type of operating system, while also considering how far back we can go as far as supporting old systems while still using modern development tools and techniques. Previous versions of the date-picker weren’t compatible with varying devices, operating systems and browsers, and presented usability issues for people with disabilities. We have decided go with an old method of inputting dates, wherein we have a drop-down box for month, day and year. It’s a tried-and-true method and works well on all devices, all operating systems and older systems as well. We also have it set to default to the current date, so that the only time you would need to use it is if you were entering activity information for a previous day, or editing an activity taking place on a previous day.
  • We’ve also updated and improved the layout of the “Log an Activity” menu as well as the “Edit Activity” menu. The new date-picker has been added, and the rest of the elements of these menus have been optimized to work well on devices of all sizes. In particular, the mobile interface has been greatly improved and all devices will enjoy a more consistent design.
  • Previously, in the groups page, there was an area that displayed sub-groups so that you could navigate between the group’s levels. Once you got to the lowest level, the area would change to display the users in that part of the group. This has been slightly problematic, especially for group administrators who sometimes needed to see both sub-groups and users at the same time. So, we’ve broken these apart. Now on the groups page there is a section for sub-groups that allows users to move between the levels of the group and allows administrators to edit them, and there is also a members section that shows group members and will allow a group administrator to grant special permissions to other members of the group. Both widgets will only show the top four results on each category, and have buttons that will show the rest of the sub-groups or members. This split will allow us to add some very exciting and important features to what groups can do in the coming weeks.
  • Additionally, group administrators will soon be able to promote other group members to be group administrators.
  • The website’s search functionality is bug-free and will be put up with this update.

As always, please touch base with us if you have questions, comments or suggestions: .

Move more, live more,
The Walk Georgia Team