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A Very Special Post, Part 2

How to get Jolly without the Jiggle, Part 2:

It’s hard to believe this is the last week of our pilot session! We hope each of you sees progress inside yourself. No matter how big (or small) your goals are regarding physical fitness, if you made just one. single. step. toward that goal, you are living better! The end of this session should be the beginning of your continued resolution.

Last week, we introduced part 1 of our guide to moving more and living more during the holiday season. Today, we’ll help you kick off your resolution by sharing part 2, just in time for the holidays! Print it and plan it! Most of, all have fun!

The Second 12 Days of Holiday Health

December 13– Take a walk around your neighborhood and collect cans for a local shelter, donate them with a card signed by all the neighbors.

December 14– It’s only going to get colder, make leg warmers out of old vintage sweater sleeves!

December 15– Make a red and green salad for dinner! Make sure to post it on social media (don’t forget to tag Walk Georgia)! We love a spinach salad with pomegranate, pears, walnuts, and Gorgonzola cheese!

December 16– Take a walk and forage things like pinecones, evergreen boughs and holly berries. You can make a wreath, or a festive centerpiece!

December 17– Make “snowman santa” snacks! On a skewer, place three slices of banana for the snowman’s body and top with an upside-down strawberry “hat”! Mini chocolate chips make great eyes!

December 18– Did you know that the polar bear plunges raise millions each year for the Special Olympics and other charities? See if your community has an event, or donate to another favorite charity.

December 19– Holiday potlucks are a great time to load up on veggies and to be thankful to all the farmers who grew them. Write a “Thank You” this week to a local farmer or grower.

December 20– What’s one of the best seasonal workouts? Ice-skating, of course! Find a rink and lace up those skates—ice-skating can burn over 500 calories per hour!

December 21– It’s not too early to make a new year’s commitment. Reflect on the upcoming new year today. How will you move in 2015? Simply write these down, and place on the refrigerator.

December 22– Forage a few things outside like evergreen sprigs or eucalyptus. In a pot of water, place evergreen, orange peels, cloves, and bring to a simmer for real pot-pourri. Your house will smell lovely!

December 23– Bundle Up! Take a WALK, to see Christmas lights, this year. None in your neighborhood? Scout out the best ones, drive, park, and walk!

December 24– Sugar cookies for Santa is so passé, so leave Santa some real fuel. Whole-wheat banana bread is a great substitution. Find the recipe here on Walk Georgia’s blog– don’t forget carrots for the reindeer!

Top counties for the fall pilot

This week, we are announcing the overall top five counties for this session, based on points! CONGRATULATIONS on ALL your hard work! Get ready for the best session yet, starting February 1st!

  1. Bibb, 3,496,087 points *Please join us in sending a special thanks to Jan Baggarly for her sincere dedication in leading Bibb County residents to move more and live more!
  2. Atkinson, 1,709,682 points
  3. Spalding, 187,818 points
  4. Fulton, 186,921 points
  5. Cobb, 161,538 points

Website updates

*Important Reminder: November 30th is the official finale of our Fall Pilot Session. We’ll be closing the website December 8th. Please use the time in-between to log your final activities and gather any info you need from the pilot site! The blog will still be active, so check here for updates! The website will be closed for final construction and testing to ensure the new Walk Georgia functions perfectly.

Thanks again to all who have been a part and to those who’ve provided valuable feedback. You can look forward to intuitive and flawless login, tracking and reporting processes! In addition, you’ll gain free access to beautiful new recipes, fitness demos and resources right inside the new website. The new Walk Georgia will not only keep track of your fitness, it will keep you effortlessly educated, motivated and fit! Our end goal is to help you get rid of obstacles, so the only thing keeping you from getting fit is you! And we believe in you! We simply can’t wait. Stay tuned!

Move more, live more,
The Walk Georgia Team

PS: Feel free to email with any questions or suggestions, we’d love to hear from you! If you want to get your county or group involved, contact 1-800-ASK-UGA1.