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6 Healthy Ideas on How to Use your Thanksgiving Leftovers

If you read our blog last Friday, we hope you took our advice and enjoyed every noodle in Aunt Maggie’s Mac & Cheese and every crumb of Grandma’s pumpkin pie yesterday.

We were so thankful for the time yesterday that we spent with our family and though the thanksgiving should live on, the indulgences will have to wait for Christmas Day! So what are we supposed to do with all these leftovers?! We made a game plan last week and thought we’d share our ideas!

1. Friday Lunch: Turkey Wraps – We know turkey is not a rare bird this time of year, so use that lean protein in a veggie-filled wrap held together by a thin tortilla or whole wheat pita! As a bonus, they are a perfect on-the-go meal if you are out in the shopping madness!

2. Friday Dinner: Veggie Pizza with Stuffing Crust – Use a pie pan to press leftover stuffing into a thin crust and load with veggie slices like zucchini, squash and mushrooms!

3. Saturday Lunch: Turkey Salad – a bright turkey salad on a bed of spinach greens is just the thing for a long lunch with family.

4. Saturday Dinner: Turkey Noodle Soup – It’s just three days away from December, we think it’s safe to pull out the crockpot and simmer some amazing broth for a delicious bowl that is a departure from a hot plate of Thursday’s main meal!

5. Sunday Brunch: Thanksgiving Breakfast Frittata with Sweet Potato Biscuits – a frittata is the perfect way to mix all those leftover veggie or turkey leftovers, and whole wheat sweet potato biscuits are a wholesome treat that is easy to please!

6. Sunday Dinner: Lasagna – You’re probably running low on the leftovers (something to be thankful for!), and even lower on your appetite for the all-American classics. Use the leftover turkey and veggies in a whole new meal that will take you into Monday with some fresh Italian flavor!

We hope these nourishing meal ideas give you the energy to move more this weekend, because when you move more, you live more!