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Scattered showers expected for most of next two weeks

The latest forecasts for northern Georgia and surrounding areas show that scattered showers similar to what we are seeing today are expected to continue across the region for most of the next two weeks. These summer storms are very typical for late summer and because they are so scattered, getting…
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Grapevine tissue sampling at veraison

As a follow up to yesterday’s post on scouting your vineyard for system disease and/or nutrient imbalance symptoms… Grapevine tissue (leaf blades and/or petioles) sampling is a good, objective indicator of nutrient status in your vineyard. Many southeastern US vineyards will be entering veraison over the next couple weeks. Veraison…
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Grape root borer has been detected in north Georgia

We collected our first grape root borer adults today in one of our pheromone traps in White County, Georgia. This means that the adults have started to emerge from the soil out of their pupal stage. For the next few weeks the adults will emerge, mate, and the females will…
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