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The Japanese beetles are coming…

The time is upon us once again. Japanese beetles have been documented in vineyards in western GA. They are only just beginning to emerge, so their numbers will increase dramatically over the next few weeks. In large enough numbers, Japanese beetles can be a severe pest of grapes during the…
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Reminder: Southern Winegrape Symposium – Saturday, June 9th in Carrollton, Georgia

This is a reminder that the annual Southern Winegrape Symposium will be held on Saturday, June 9th at the Carroll County Ag Center in Carrollton, Georgia. Please se previous post by Paula Burke, Carroll County Extension Coordinator and ANR Agent, for more details:  
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Time to Pull out the Big Guns

I think most producers are fully aware that recent rainfall events will increase disease levels in wine grapes.  I am particularly concerned about fruit rots and downy mildew.  In particular, more active materials for downy mildew are needed at this time.  Though the contact materials such as Captan and Mancozeb…
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