Pest management Guidelines

  • Grape root borer detection

    We collected our first grape root borer adult in one of our pheromone traps in North Georgia. This means that the adults are beginning to emerge from the soil out of their pupal stage. For the next few weeks the adults will emerge, mate, and the females will lay their eggs at the base of […]

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  • Powdery Mildew in Dry and Wet Environments

    We obviously don’t have to worry about a dry environment at this time in Georgia, but as a learning point, I will share this photo with you (expand it to see the symptoms).  This shows how severe powdery mildew can be in a relatively dry environment (Lodi, CA). Stephanie Bolton, a previous Ph.D. student who […]

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  • We had a great meeting last week. As requested, here is a copy of the insect pest control presentation from the mid-season wine grape workshop

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  • I had a request for a copy of the disease control PowerPoint from the mid-season wine grape workshop.  Please see attached.  I hope it will be of value as a review for those who were there, as well as a good resource for those who were not there. Mid- to Late-Season Wine Grape Diseases Presentation

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  • Sour Rot Management

    After the meeting on Wednesday, there was a request for more information on sour rot management through use of insecticides for control of SWD.  I contacted Megan Hall, who conducted this research at Cornell.  She indicated that the 2016 research continued to support the use of MustangMaxx.  She states, “If a grower knows that they […]

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  • Powdery and Downy Mildew Recommendations

    In addition to Botrytis, there is a goodly amount of powdery mildew starting to show up (see photo from today). Based on the current levels of downy and powdery mildew observed, we have a potentially difficult season ahead – once more. Remember, you are fighting an epidemic, which is a movie yet to be made; […]

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  • Summer Weed Control Considerations

    Rainfall has been plentiful this spring and early summer in many areas across the Southeast, which is a considerable change from last year in many of the same areas.  A wet summer can put additional stress on weed management programs and result in escaped weeds that thrive. If you have young, newly planted vineyards make […]

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  • We recently had a Norton (aka Cynthiana) vine submitted to our clinic by Clark McAllister (county agent in Lumpkin County), and the vine(s) were showing odd symptoms for Norton. Leaves were somewhat chlorotic, but the major concerning symptom was a ring spot on the leaves, along with spots on the shoots which are similar to those of […]

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  • Downy Mildew Alert

    I have had a few questions relative downy mildew management, especially with the floods of the last week. Relative Abound fungicide, I would not trust any of the strobilurins alone for downy mildew management. If using Abound, I would use the high rate, and I would add some Captan to the mix.  When using any […]

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  • There is a big hairy beast starting to show up out there, and unfortunately, it is not Big Foot.  We are starting to observe Botrytis in some vineyards, so it is time to scout for this pathogen.  Cain Hickey took this photo, and he states the following: “This is a reminder to pay attention to […]

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