• With veraison upon us, I just wanted to remind everyone about the continued threat from Japanese beetles. The adult beetles feed on the soft leaf tissue between veins, which often results in a skeletonized appearance. Below are images from Petit Verdot that Cain observed recently in Virginia that have been severely fed on by Japanese…

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  • Grape root borer detection

    We collected our first grape root borer adult in one of our pheromone traps in North Georgia. This means that the adults are beginning to emerge from the soil out of their pupal stage. For the next few weeks the adults will emerge, mate, and the females will lay their eggs at the base of…

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  • We had a great meeting last week. As requested, here is a copy of the insect pest control presentation from the mid-season wine grape workshop

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  • Japanese beetle season is upon us. These beetles feed on over 300 species of plants including tree fruits, small fruits, vegetables, ornamentals, and of course, grapes. Japanese beetles can be a severe pest of grapes during the summer, feeding mainly on foliage and (thankfully) rarely on the berries.

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