Hi All! I am just sending out a reminder (with more details!) about the New Grower Symposium on June 24th!

For those of you interested in a day to learn about how to start a vineyard, I would love to see you at the New Grape Grower Symposium in at the Carroll County Agricultural Education Center in Carrollton, GA on Saturday, June 24th! We welcome those who are in the planning (or considering) process! We welcome those in first few years of growing grapes. If you’re a more experienced grape grower, you’re welcome if you’re looking for a fun refresher on some of the many basics and interested in helping share your wisdom on what its is like growing grapes in Georgia!

Register for $85 for the event at georgiawineproducers.org. Register as soon as possible so they can make sure to have lunch for you! You can see the agenda below, with a variety of Georgia speakers.


Last week was the ASEV-ES (American Society of Enology and Viticulture- Eastern Section – the same group that Nathan has been bringing ya’ll “Hang Time” webinars) in Austin, Texas. Several familiar Georgia faces could be spotted among the attendees. It was a great educational event and we hope to bring some of that information soon!

Image: Georgians on the Fredericksburg, Texas Vineyard and Wine Tour. Notice the hail netting on the fruit zone and the frost fan in the background. People from left: Rachael White-Caton, Clark MacAllister, Sarah Lowder, Ashley Hopper, Nathan Eason


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