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Possibility of New Varieties in Georgia

I hope everyone is fairing the winter well and is underway on pruning. I wanted to take a moment and revisit a presentation that was given last spring at one of our updates that presented new varieties for our region.  Dr. Joe Fiola, Specialist in Viticulture and Small Fruit at the University of Maryland Extension presented on many varieties he finds valuable for the Eastern Seaboard.  After a follow up phone call, we narrowed down his list even further to a selection of grapes Georgia may want to consider. In comparison, our industry in Georgia is very young. I think expanding our grape varieties will help open our eyes to various possibilities with not only making good wine, but having varieties that are easier to grow for our conditions in Georgia.

                Below is the finalized list with nursery’s that still have some inventory (as of past two weeks) for this 2022 planting season.   If you would be interested in ordering a small quantity of any of these varieties and would plant them at your site, I would appreciate you letting me know. Some of these nurseries have a minimum order, but if we said it’s for research with UGA, they might exempt us, possibly even a price break, but no guarantee. This would be something you would need to act upon this week if you were wanting to place an order. Some varieties are already sold out, but might can be on your radar for next year. When you see the downy mildew resistance that say the “SK77-5-3 ” has (seen in powerpoint slide), I think we need to give it a shot. In the table varieties with a double xx have been ones that have been trialed some in the southern US. and didn’t see to fair quiet as well, but I still feel its worth trying, just maybe at a smaller scale. Bottom line is, we need to have more variety field trials here in Georgia, so please let me know if you plan to order some of these vines this year. / 706-865-2832

Please see quick link below to access Dr. Fiola’s powerpoint, with descriptors of some of these varieties.

 Double AWonderfulSunridgeKnightAmburg
White- SK77-5-3     RS 101-14 (800)    
White- Roussanne 468 101-14 (1300) 10R (1900) Rousanne 468 entav / 3309 available (300)  Sold out2023: Rusanne 03.1
White – Colombard Sold OutSold out  
White – Verdejo Sold outSold out  
Red- Teroldego  RS: 3309 (250)Clone 3 101-14 (1100) Clone 3 S04 (1300)Sold out 2023: Teroldego 05.1
Red-  Souzao Sold out   
Red Chelois     SR (497)    
Red- Regant       RS 101-14 (2400)    
Red- San Marco      (pinot gri virus – non available)    
Red -Tempranillo xx    (sold out Double A) Sold outRS:101-14 (150)clone 05.1/3309 (NY Certified) – 15 vines and clone 02/3309 (NY Certified) – 18 vines.
Red – Montepluciano   RS 1103P (310) 
Red – Sagrantino xx 1103RS  (1100 ) clone 1 S04(800)        2023: Sagratino 01c