The remains of Delta should move out of Georgia and the southern Appalachians by Monday night into Tuesday morning. The rest of the week looks like it will be fairly warm but dry. A cold front moving through the region on Friday will return us to cooler conditions and a more seasonal pattern for mid to late October.

So far the medium-term forecasts don’t show any widespread frost, but there is an indication of near-freezing temperatures in the mountains by around October 20-22. That is about ten days away so right on the edge of predictability, but something to watch. By next week’s outlook, we should have a better feel for what might happen by late October.

Rainfall will be very light once Delta leaves the region, and not much is predicted for the rest of the week. The majority of rain in the map below will fall on Sunday into Monday afternoon, with little after that. Most of the rest of the month is currently predicted to be cooler and drier than normal.

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