The next few days look like we will be under a dome of high pressure which will dominate our weather over most of the Southeast (except the Florida peninsula) through Thursday noon. I can’t rule out a possible shower around Tuesday, but it would be light and not likely. Sunshine and seasonal temperatures should prevail. Chances of rain increase by Thursday afternoon and evening and the weekend could be pretty wet and cool. Almost all the rain you see in the map below if you live in the northern parts of Alabama and Georgia will happen on Friday and Saturday.

The big question mark is what is going to happen with the tropics, since there are several centers the National Hurricane Center is watching. While TS Gamma is not likely to affect us beyond a few clouds, the next one, which is expected to be named Delta using the next Greek letter in a day or two, could enter the Southeast from the Gulf Coast, making landfall along the north-central Gulf Coast on Friday. This could bring increasing chances of rain moving up from the south into northern AL and GA and the western Carolinas next weekend.

Regarding temperature, I don’t see any big cold outbreaks of air until at least mid-October, so I think we are safe from frost for now. I will provide another outlook next week, although I am traveling on Sunday so you might not get it until Monday night.

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