We are starting off the week on a cool and dry note, with beautiful, slightly breezy weather through the region. We expect this cool and dry weather to continue for a few days before rainfall from the remains of Tropical Storm Beta starts to move into our region on Thursday into Friday. Depending on the path that Beta takes, some parts of North Georgia and Alabama and the Southern Appalachians could get several inches of rain over the extended weekend before dry conditions return early next week. The 3-4 week forecast for early October shows warmer and drier than normal conditions are likely. Of course this assumes that tropical storms stay away.

Temperatures could get down into the low 40s but so far I don’t see any frost, although if you have areas that are frost pockets, it might be possible. One model for accumulated rainfall for the next week is shown below. I am planning to give a weekly weather outlook every Sunday for the next few weeks. Please let me know if there is any other information you need.

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