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Pierce’s disease management

Pierce’s disease (PD) is a threat to vineyard sustainability in some parts of the southeastern US. PD is particularly a threat to susceptible cultivars planted in vineyards that are located in low-elevation, “warmer” micro-climates.

PD was observed in several vineyards in late summer/fall 2019. We have experienced yet another moderate winter. We may thus continue to observe cases of PD in vineyards in late summer/fall 2020.

Current, pro-active PD management options are to plant tolerant cultivars and to manage insect vectors. Retro-active management options are to remove infected vines. For further information on PD in grapevines, please see this link for the “Texas Grape Growers Pierce’s Disease Overview and Management Guide” ( and this link for UGA Extension Bulletin 1514, “Pierces Disease of Grape: Identification and Management” (