Dear wine grape and muscadine industry colleagues:

I am hoping harvest has been over long enough now to ask y’all for a favor… and, in return, you will receive a tool that will be helpful and evolve over time.

A team of wine grape and muscadine extension specialists from southeastern US universities received a grant to create a smartphone app that will aid in the judicious selection and planting of wine grape and muscadine cultivars throughout the region. This tool will be created from rankings of cultivars, based on several attributes. The app will allow end-users to see rankings of each cultivar based on overall regional average, but also based on grower feedback from specific states and counties. Thus, a grower wanting to plant (insert cultivar) in (insert county/neighboring counties), can look at how that cultivar has been ranked to perform in that county/neighboring counties. This will thus inform and enable new and veteran growers to make wise cultivar selection decisions.

Here is where we need your help – please take this survey here ( We did our very best to make the survey as user-friendly (and efficient) as possible in order to glean the most information without taking too much of your time. I think the survey should take 10 minutes. In return, you will the gratification of knowing you contributed to the database used to develop the cultivar selection smartphone app. And you will get to use the app for yourself.

Please take the survey and spread the word – the more feedback we get, the more robust and informative the smartphone app will be.

Thanks so much! Cain