I know each of you get survey fatigue, and I do as well.  I promise this one is really, really short though.  Shane Breeden, working with Cain Hickey and I,  is developing a research program to study current and potential hybrid grapes for utility in Georgia and the Southeast as a whole.  As a starting point, we would like to get your feedback on your observations of bunch and leaf diseases observed on your current Pierce’s disease (PD) tolerant grapes (PD-tolerant hybrids or grapes like Norton — not muscadines) — assuming you grow these.  If you do not grow Pierce’s disease tolerant grapes or you grow muscadines, you need read no further.

The following introduction and survey are from Shane.  As always, we appreciate your help.

“Please take some time to fill out this survey (below). It is a very short survey that will take roughly 5 minutes, and it will help us to develop better cultivar information for disease management recommendations. Pierce’s disease is influential in cultivar selection and disease management in Georgia and the surrounding states; we would therefore like to assess the impact that several other diseases have on the PD-tolerant cultivars that we successfully grow in areas with strong Pierce’s disease pressure. Knowing the cultivars and the severity of the disease pressure, we will be able to investigate and recommend more efficient and effective disease management programs.  If you are a researcher and/or a consultant and you have opinions/observations on PD-tolerant cultivars, we would welcome your feedback in this survey as well.  Thanks for your valuable time.”


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