For vineyards / wineries seeking to host a UGA “Winegrowers of Georgia” intern this summer:

This is a reminder to please email me an overview or flyer that showcases your vineyard/winery operation by March 15th so that I can share them with potential interns for their review. It is important to make an attempt to match enterprise with intern to ensure the internship will be successful and a good experience for both hosts and interns. The goal is to provide interns with a wide range of experiences so that they become familiar with all facets of grape and wine production as well as opportunities to learn about marketing and agritourism.

Sending me an overview / flyer of your operation tells me that you are willing to host an intern this summer.

For your information, here is a link to the internship program:

Give a holler if you have questions about the internship or process (, and thanks in advance for your interest in hosting a UGA intern.