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Presentations from muscadine session at Southeastern Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference in Savannah

The muscadine session at the Southeastern Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference was held this past Saturday, February 12th, in Savannah. It was a well attended and productive session for our muscadine industry.

The speakers included Dr. Margaret Worthington from the University of Arkansas, Larry Cagle from WoodMill Winery, Dr. Phil Brannen from the University of Georgia, Shanshan Cao from the University of Georgia and Cain Hickey from the University of Georgia.

Speakers kindly agreed to share the following presentations from the session. Please see links to these presentations here:

2019 Muscadine Diseases Presentation


Savannah Muscadine 12 Feb 2019

Starting a Profitable Muscadine Vineyard and Winery 2019 A