Dear all:

Florence was generally kind to us grape growers here in Georgia. Let’s please keep those that were less fortunate in our thoughts and prayers.

The weather forecasted for this week looks to be nice for picking. Take advantage of it and get out there and get it done if you can.

The Winemakers Research Exchange, an industry-led research team in Virginia, sent me an email that I thought y’all might benefit from, or at least enjoy reading. Especially in a challenging season as this one.

Here is the body of the email, with links embedded:

Making Red Wine with Underripe Fruit
This season has included many challenges in the vineyard that are now translating to the winery. Many of the red grapes being picked are less ripe than desired.
A winemaking approach of maximizing fruitiness and minimizing astringency may be a good focus when working with underripe grapes. There is no magic bullet to make underripe grapes taste ripe. However, there are a few things to think about when planning your winemaking to respond to this vintage. Here is a brief review ( of some of the issues as well as some specific steps to consider as you make red wines this year.

Also, check out the website ( for updated protocols for compromised fruit provided by suppliers. These will give you specific product names for additives.

Stay dry out there!


Hopefully that information is of worth to y’all as you are bringing in your fruit over the next 10-14 days. You can sign up for email updates from the Winemakers Research Exchange by going to the “Contact” link on the homepage.

Best of luck to all for dry weather from here to the finish line.


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