… please contact Cheng-Fang Hong, Dr. Phil Brannen’s graduate student.

Here is the note that Cheng-Fang sent me the other day:

“I am looking for phylloxera galls on Blanc du Bois leaves. Specifically, I will need mature Blanc du Bois leaves with some well formed phylloxera galls. The galls and leaves should remain viable and not showing any symptoms of senescence or infection by other pathogens. I know it might be difficult, but it is preferable if the leaves have not been sprayed with downy mildew fungicides within the past two weeks before collection. The leaves should not be completely covered by galls , ideally, 10 – 15 galls on a 3 to 4-inch-diameter leaf will be good because I’ll need both galling tissues and normal tissues from the same leaf for comparison. Growers can contact me at ch40706@uga.edu if they have questions or need further detail. I can schedule a trip to collect the leaves if they spot any in their vineyard.”

He is interested in knowing if phylloxera galls provide an entry point for downy mildew infection on the leaves of Blanc du Bois, a downy mildew-tolerant cultivar.

Thanks y’all.