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ADDENDUM: Seeking vineyard planting sites for Pierce’s disease-tolerant, high-vinifera percentage grapevines

Dear all:

Apologies for not being a bit more clear on my post regarding PD-tolerant vines yesterday.  My bad.

I have had several immediate inquiries and requests – and I appreciate the responsiveness.

I have had several requests for small allotments of these vines.  I would prefer the vineyard that hosts these plantings will take all or none.  That is, one vineyard may get 80-90 of the white cultivar and one vineyard may get 80-90 of the red cultivar.  Why? These vine numbers will permit future cultural practice (pruning, leaf pulling, trellising, pest management, etc) research in a formal, replicated fashion.  Fewer number of vines will not. I’d like to get observational/anecdotal data, but also have the option to evaluate for research purposes.

Keep the requests coming! And have a great day.