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Have we already seen the last frost of the year?

I’ve been asked by a number of people what are our chances for getting a frost in the next couple of weeks after this tremendously warm weather we’ve been experiencing. I think that for the southern 2/3 of Georgia, we may have already seen our last frost of the year, but I do expect to see cooler weather return this week and below normal conditions with some possibility of frost in the March 3-12 time period. For northern Georgia and especially the mountainous areas of northeast Georgia, I think the risk of another morning or two of frost is quite likely, and we could see up to three separate cold spells within that nine-day period. For more details about frost climatology and how I came to my conclusions, you can visit my latest blog post at Keep in mind that the farther out you go with weather models, the less accurate they are, so I will be watching carefully to see if any significant changes are in store as things progress.