You may already be aware of this app, but I just found out about it today.  The Vineyard Advisor App has been developed by Texas Tech, and it appears to largely be an IPM app.  I don’t think it is that helpful in identification, so you have to largely know the organism already to find stuff associated with it (e.g. powdery mildew or spotted wing drosophila). However, it really has some interesting and useful information that can be carried around with your smart phone. It is free, and though not all information may fit our climate, I would definitely download it and use it as one source of information.

The MyIPM app has been developed through a collaborative effort lead by Dr. Guido Schnabel from Clemson University.  You might check it out as well.  The wine grape section is being developed at this time, and over time, it will be a good diagnostic guide as well.  As of the moment, it does not have much on it, so don’t be disappointed.  Check out the peach section (especially the expert voice for brown rot), as this one is pretty well developed.  That should give you hope for the future.

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