Dear all:

As coordinator of the UGA Winegrowers of Georgia Internship program, I would encourage all vineyards and wineries that are interested in hosting a summer intern to start thinking about drafting up an advertisement flyer so that these can be shared with interested interns. I would prefer that the interested host vineyards and wineries notify me of intent to host an intern and provide me with a flyer by January 30, 2018.

At minimum, the flyer should include the following: the vineyard/winery name and location, a brief description of the enterprise, the primary responsibilities of the hosted intern (i.e. primarily outside or inside; vineyard, winery or hospitality), anticipated hours per week (i.e. 30-40), a note about if the position comes with housing, and a contact person for the position (phone and email).

The application period for students is open now, and closes on February 15, 2018.  See intern application page, below, for more information about what UGA defines for students in this internship opportunity.

Intern placements are anticipated to be finalized by early- to mid-March 2018.  The goal is to place interns before summer gets too close and opportunities are missed.

Give a holler if you have questions (