I sent an email out last week with a link to Dr. Mizuho Nita’s blog.  Here it is again:

Mizuho is a grape pathologist at Virginia Tech’s Alson H Smith, Jr. AREC in Winchester, VA. He provides a wealth of information on grape disease management in the eastern US. Though Mizuho’s information is suited for Virginia, it is fundamentally applicable to us here in Georgia, as well as to other southeastern US growing regions.  However, since site, inoculum level, and weather patterns will dictate disease pressure, please consider your specific site when deciding when and how to implement best pest management practices.

I would encourage all to sign up for his blog.  I’ll highlight a few items. These items will serve as resources and guidelines, and Mizuho will continue to update his blog as the season progresses – much like our UGA Extension Viticulture Team anticipates to do with our blog.

Under “Resources” at the right side bar:

The 2017 Fungicide Schedule Template provides an example of a detailed seasonal spray schedule; one can modify this based on weather patterns and disease pressures one experiences in their own vineyard.

The Grape section of the 2017 Virginia Tech Pest Management Guidelines is available here GRAPE pest management_Virginia Tech ,  or online at this website:

The 2016 Southeast Regional Bunch Grape Integrated Management Guide (senior editor being our own Dr. Phil Brannen and commodity editor being Dr. Mizuho Nita) is available here BunchGrapeSprayGuide2016, or online at this website:


Last, since this is early in the life of this blog, I’ll explain where this post can be found (an explanation of blog logistics can be found under “Home” tab in the red banner at the top of the page).

This post can be found under the “Blog” tab in the red banner at the top of the page.  However, since it contains management guidelines for bunch grapes, it can also be found by clicking the “Categories” dropdown at the right sidebar and selecting either “Bunch Grapes” and/or “Management Guidelines.”


Thanks everyone.