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The folks at AgSouth Insurance have shared this timely information below. Please take a look to make sure your operation is where it needs to be with insurance. If you have questions, contact information is below.

I hope things have gone well for you, your family, and your farm so far this year. I know that the last two years have brought many challenges to the farming industry. As we start a new crop year for onions, I wanted to reach out and provide you with some pertinent changes and reminders for the 2022 Crop Year.

Below is a reminder of upcoming dates you should be aware of. Any applications, transfers, or changes must be completed by the Sales Closing Date of August 31, 2021.

Important Dates for Winter Transplanted Onions:

  • Earliest Plant Date: 11/01
  • Final Plant Date: 02/01
  • End of Late Planting Period: 02/26
  • Acreage Reporting Date: 03/15
  • Premium Billing Date: 07/01
  • End of Insurance Date: 06/01

Prevented Planting:

Your prevented planting coverage will be 15% of your final stage production guarantee for timely planted acreage. Additional prevented planting coverage levels are not available for onions.

Insurance Guarantees, Coverage Levels, and Prices for Determining Indemnities

Your production guarantee progresses, in stages, to the final stage production guarantee. Stages will be determined on an acre basis. At least 75% of the plants on such acreage must be at the same stage to qualify for the first & second stages.

First Stage

For transplanted storage and non-storage onions, from transplanting of onion plants or sets through the 30th day after transplanting. 

Second Stage

For transplanted storage and non-storage onions, from the 31st day after transplanting of onion plants or sets until eligible for the final stage. 

Final Stage

Final stage extends from the completion of topping and lifting or digging on the acreage until the END OF THE INSURANCE PERIOD or JUNE 1.

Additional Guarantee Notes:

Any acreage of onions damaged in the first or second stage, to the extent that the majority of producers in the area would not normally further care for the onions, will have a production guarantee for indemnity purposes, based on the stage in which  the damage occurred, even if you continue to care for the damaged onions.

  • First Stage = 45% of the final stage production guarantee
  • Second Stage = 85% of the final stage production guarantee
  • Final Stage = 100% of the final stage production guarantee  

Insurance Period

Coverage begins when the crop is planted on or before the final planting date and ends with the earliest occurrence of one of the following conditions:

  • Total destruction of the onion crop
  • Removal of the onions from the field
  • 14 days after lifting or digging
  • Final adjustment of a loss
  • Abandonment of the crop OR JUNE 1, 2022


2021 Production

Remember, your 2021 production must be submitted to your crop insurance agent no later than October 15, 2021. You must sell your crop in the same name as your crop policy. Acceptable production records must include graded /packed/sold onion weights. Unreported production will result in a 2022 assigned yield of 75% of the previous year’s yield.

I hope you find this information helpful. We are here to serve our farm and rural customers by providing services and information to help you be successful in both good years and challenging ones.

Please give me a call if you have any crop insurance needs for 2022, or if I can help you with any questions or concerns.

I hope you have a happy and successful year!

Andrea T. Whitfield – 912-536-9130

Katy G. Moxley- 912-245-2057

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