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As we are gearing up for another season, I wanted to share with you our recently updated onion budget.  The onion budget is created in Microsoft Excel, which gives you the opportunity to plug in the numbers for your operation and see how they compare to our budget.  As you review this budget, there are several things you should keep in mind in regards to your individual operation:

1.  Land rent is not calculated in these figures.  You’ll have to add yours to the budget.

2. All the costs in this budget are suggestions that may be higher or lower than your actual costs.  On a per acre or per box cost basis, larger farms may be less expensive, and smaller operations may cost more.

3.  Feel free to print out the budget, or open on your computer in Microsoft Excel.  You can add your costs line by line to see how they compare.

4. To view the budget in Microsoft Excel, use this link:  2019 Vidalia Onion Budget in Excel

5. To view a printable budget, use this link: 2019 Vidalia Onion Budget pdf or click the budget below.