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July 2022

  • In recent years we have had very encouraging results with micronized sulfur used as a mixing partner with several different fungicides for leaf spot control.  In many cases, mixing with sulfur has provided control comparable to (and sometimes better than) as mixing with 1 pint of a 720 formulation of chlorothalonil for leaf spot control…

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  • Goosegrass (Prostko)

    Dr. Culpepper recently gave you his 2 cents worth about the control of goosegrass in the most recent UGA Cotton Newsletter – July 2022 (https://www.ugacotton.com/vault/file/July-2022-Cotton-Team-Newsletter.pdf).  Thought I would add my 3 cents worth as well since my ears are also bleeding from all the phone calls.   1) The #1 enemies of POST herbicide applications are…

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