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Here are a couple of things to think about based upon recent phone calls/texts and observations from some of my current research projects.

1) If growers observe unexpected/unusual leaf injury/burn after a corn herbicide is applied, it is most likely caused by Valor sprayer contamination.  See below for what this injury looks like and how it could potentially influence corn yields. 

2) When evaluating the potential effects of Liberty on pigweed control, growers should wait at least 7 days before making a final decision on whether or not it worked.  FYI, the colder temperatures this week (< 60 F) will slow down the activity of Liberty for sure.  

3) Peanut growers will be making the decision to spray or not spray an early-postemergence (cracking) herbicide.  If the peanut field was clean at planting and a strong residual herbicide program was used (activated with moisture), it is very likely that a cracking spray will not be needed.  See below (i.e. no weeds in my standard PRE program at 12 DAP):

4) My general recommendations for early-postemergence (cracking) treatments in peanut are as follows:
a) Either paraquat (2 lb/gal) @ 12 oz/A or paraquat (3 lb/gal) @ 8 oz/A + either Storm @ 16 oz/A or Basagran @ 8 oz/A + one Group 15 herbicide [either Anthem Flex @ 3 oz/A or Dual Magnum @ 16 oz/A or Outlook @ 12.8 oz/A or Warrant @ 48 oz/A or Zidua @ 2.5 oz/A (liquid)]. Generally, I have no preference between the Group 15’s when my suggested PRE/EPOST/POST peanut weed control programs are followed.b) Add NIS @ 0.25 v/v when using Anthem Flex, Warrant, or Zidua.

c) If need be, growers can make their own Storm (I call it Georgia Storm), by tank-mixing Ultra Blazer (16 oz/A) + Basagran (8 oz/A). This is a slightly different rate than what is applied with current commercial Storm formulation @ 16 oz/A (equivalent to Ultra Blazer @ 11 oz/A + Basagran @ 11 oz/A).

d) Use at least 15 GPA and pressure/nozzle configurations to produce medium to coarse droplets (236-403 microns).  Medium/coarse droplets are yellow and green on this chart.

e) Excessive dust caused by dry weather and tractors driven at Warp Speed 10 will reduce the effectiveness of paraquat.  

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