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2021 Row Crop Disease Update 21 July 20, 2021 (Kemerait)

Since sending out recommendations on disease management opportunities for peanut, I have been asked a couple of questions that I think will be of common interest to many, so I’ll try to answer them here.  It is important to remember that the recommendations were based upon two scenarios.  Scenario 1: …
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2021 Row Crop Disease Update 19 July (Kemerait)

Peanut:  Many of our peanut fields have reached, or are rapidly approaching, 60 days after planting.  During this time of the season it is important to protect a peanut crop from white mold and from leaf spot diseases.  Currently, rainfall has been abundant in many of our counties.  The rainfall…
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Rain Delays and Weed Control (Prostko)

Recent rains over the last few days at the UGA Ponder Farm (1.75″+) have kept me out of the field for today so I thought it would be a good time to squeeze in a quick blog. The frequent rain showers we have had over the last month or so…
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