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Dicamba Annoucements: Please Read

I believe that Dr. Culpepper is going to send out a formal announcement to us soon about dicamba use in cotton, but, I haven’t received it yet and don’t want any of you to miss out on an important date.


  • New label on dicamba/2,4-D in cotton for 2019
  • Using Pesticides Wisely training is required on yearly basis for anyone applying auxin herbicide (Dicamba/2,4-D) in cotton
  • In addition to Using Pesticides Wisely training, all applicators must possess a private applicators license or a Dicamba Certification that is separate from Using Pesticides Wisely Training.
  • The Dicamba Certification is a 45 minute class that will be held after the Using Pesticides Wisely Training.
  • The Using Pesticides Wisely Training and Dicamba Certification will be held next week on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 in the afternoon after the Georgia Cotton Commission Annual Meeting and Cotton Conference. To sign up, follow link here: Ga Cotton Commission Annual Conference and Meeting


To legally apply Dicamba/2,4-D in a resistant cotton variety, Using pesticides wisely trainings from years past are now void and the grower will have to receive the training again as well as any applicator on an annual basis. An additional 45 minute dicamba certification training will be held at the end of Using Pesticides Wisely Training for applicators that do not possess private pesticide applicator license.

The training is next week in Tifton. Please make this meeting so that you won’t have to travel to some far away land last minute. You all know the importance of these meetings and have already attended these meetings once. It is important to note that your sprayer operators have to attend now as well.

Call me if you have any questions.