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Get ahead of Italian Ryegrass in your Hayfield

I had many phone calls this spring about the pest in the first picture, no not the cat, Italian ryegrass. As some of you were assessing your Bermudagrass hayfields in April, it was apparent that Italian ryegrass was present and in direct competition with the bermudagrass as it was breaking dormancy.  The second picture is a hayfield with a potash deficiency that was enhanced with an infestation of Italian ryegrass that depleted existing potash from the soil. Weak areas overlaid the areas where clumps of ryegrass existed earlier in the year. Italian ryegrass can reduce bermudagrass stands by 30% to 50 %. See the following publication for information on Italian ryegrass control. UGA Italian Ryegrass Control Publication

There are several options outlined in the publication but for specific rates and other questions, call me at 229-313-4147 and I will be glad to assist you.