Office of Learning & Organizational Development

OLOD Faculty

Dr. Kristi Farner, Extension Program & Staff Development Specialist
Dr. Farneer will assess training needs of Extension Agents and Specialists and lead the development and implementation of a comprehensive professional development program to build content knowledge and process skills.

  • Comprehensive new employee trainings program
    • orientation materials
    • foundations trainings
    • policy trainings
  • Extension Training System (ETS)

Dr. Lauren Griffeth, Extension Leadership Specialist (jointly appointed with ALEC)
Dr. Griffeth will coordinate internal and external leadership programs for Cooperative Extension.

  • Extension Academy & ExTEND
  • Advancing Georgia’s Leaders in Agriculture and Forestry (AGL)
  • Extension Leadership System (ELS) for county programs
  • Offer training and tools for Extension faculty

Dr. Todd Hurt, Extension Program  & Staff Development Specialist
Dr. Hurt will develop, implement, and support a formal program development process to include needs assessment, logic model development, individual faculty, county and departmental plans of work, and organizational strategic program planning.

  • GA Counts
    • Activity Reports
    • Logic Model Development
    • Plans of Work
  • Impact Statements
  • Faculty Activity Reports
  • Program Planning

Dr. Rochelle Sapp, Extension Leadership Specialist

  • LEAD21
  • Teaching responsibilities on the UGA Tifton Campus
  • Contribute to Extension Foundation and Leadership classes