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Counting Phone Contacts

Great Question

I’ve had discussions off and on with folks around our office about how to properly record contacts.  I’ve usually recorded only homeowner, farmer, landscaper inquiries on my call log.  One of my co-workers was told that she needs to record every phone conversation – those setting up meetings, talking to volunteers, etc.  Yesterday, my program assistant received a homeowner call.  She than talked to two other resources to get the correct answer and then called the homeowner back.  Does this count as one call, four calls…?  Are there any written guidelines about this?


We have had similar discussion about office contacts.  The answer is only if significant education value was relayed does it count.  So a general how do you do call doesn’t count.  We are also recording only client contacts not source calls.  So The PA call only counts as one contact.

Where do I add Stakeholder Development and Marketing in Ga Counts?


If I want a meeting to go under #2 or #3 below, how should I enter the meeting into GA Counts?

V. ELS / Stakeholder Development / Marketing and Community Involvement

1. Extension Leadership System

4-H Extension Leadership System Program Development Team Orientation

April 10, 2017, 9 contacts, Teamwork, Volunteer Development, General 4-H

2. Stakeholder Development Efforts

3. Marketing and Community Involvement



Good question.  It is not very obvious.  Here you go.
  1. Open Ga Counts
  2. Select pull reports from the left side bar
  3. Select Faculty activity report
  4. Select self-reported sections
  5. The sections you are looking for are 12 & 13.
  6. This information remains static so you can update it each year.

Ga Counts Office Contacts Questions

  1. If a person/people come in to get information and it turns into an office consultation, do we count them in office contacts and a separate report for the consultation or just the consultation? (hope that makes sense)They are just recorded as a face to face contact in the monthly office report.  Consultation reports are intended for off site visits.
  2. If John Doe comes in and speaks to the Agent about ANR information and then asks someone else about 4-H, do we both count him as an office contact with 1 contact for ANR and 1 contact for 4-H? Sheldon gave us advice on this one.  He says only count them once unless they leave the office and come back.
  3. Does Committee Activities only mean Extension Committees or does it mean county committees as well? Any committee work can be recorded in the “Committee” report type.  The only time when you would report differently is if the Agent served in a leadership role (I.e president, V.P., etc.) then it goes in as a “Leadership and Appointment” report type.

Great 4-H Ga Counts Questions

Where do these go?

Great questions.

Thanks for asking.

  1. DPA – does this go under 4-H camps and conferences or event? Camps and Conferences
  2. If I hosted a portfolio workshop for the kids in my county what would I list that as? This is best recorded as a “Presentation Youth” report type.
  3. Teen leader training? “Presentation Youth” report type.
  4. I had a high school student shadow me for 3 days. What would I list that as? “Student Advising” report type
  5. Georgia Junior Nationals – I have currently listed my face-to-face contacts as only 7 because that’s how many kids we had from our county showing. But I also had assignments where I helped check in heifers and during the show handed out awards. So should I make my face-to-face # higher? This would be an “Event” report type.  You can count the 7 students you took as “Face-to-face” contacts and all of the others (since you were doing check in I would say all students there) as indirect contacts.  You may also want to note what you did in the Outcome, Impact, and Achievement section show it emphasizes what you did on your FAR.

Here is a document too that may help.

Report Type Examples

TV Segment and Web Video Reporting

How do you go about determining numbers reached for a news segment? It was shown on the morning news  and there is also the on-line video clip. There was a segment on the freeze damage and then one on ag awareness week and both are on video.

Mass media is tricky.

Contact the station for their viewership number (if you can get one).  This is just a general “potential” number of viewers in the broadcast area.  We can not say that every person actually saw the segment so we enter it as “indirect circulation”

Enter it as a Media Produced and Distributed report.

  • On the media produced report  select Television, DVD, and Web video for the type
  • Then enter the citation for the Title, date and TV Station
  • On media distributed report you will select Television, DVD, and Web video
  • The number of unique works will be 2 since it was two separate segments.
  • Enter in the viewership number (times 2 since you have two segments) in “indirect circulation” and any direct circulation for people that told you they saw the segments.
  • Make a second media distribution entry for the web videos.  Select website for the type.  Enter in any views or page hits (combined for both segments) for “indirect circulation” and any “direct circulation” for all comments or shares from the site. Number of unique works will be 0 on this entry.
  • Once you finish the report you can add any additional information you want reflected in your FAR in the Outcome, Impact, and Achievement box.

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Did you miss the recent Evaluation Conversation? We encourage you to check out the recording.

Ga Counts Supplemental Data Hours of Instruction Clarification

In the Supplemental Data section, the first line says “Hours of Instruction per Participant by Non-CAES/Extension Personnel”

(this remained the same and is a place you list hours of instruction by non-CAES personnel  i.e. volunteers and outside people)

The second line reads “Hours of Instruction per participant by State Specialists”. Is this new?

This did change.  It used to read Hours of Instruction by CAES/FACS State Faculty.  The description was confusing and many agents would record their time here.  This field was to record Specialist’s time.  Agent time is always recorded in the sub-report.



Newspaper Indirect v/s Direct Circulation

It’s all indirect circulation unless you hand it to a person.  The assumption is a newspaper has x number of subscribers but we can’t assume all have read your article.  We have always counted it as in indirect number but only recently added the direct circulation number to capture the one on one contact.  It was more the result of adding social media to the reports where we can demonstrate when someone comments or shares your article (as a trusted source) with their friends.  We felt there is public value in that.

Reporting Social Media in Subsequent Months

We got a great question this morning on how to record social media post as the hits keep coming.  Our best advice is to record your posts as a media produced and distributed report in the month they were created.  If you do a “look back” the next month and see your post has received more views, comments, and shares you will simply open the original GA Counts report and update your numbers.  It is up to you how long you want to track the same posts.  Thanks for the question Beth!great-question

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