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CIRTL presents Individual Development Plan Workshop – Mar. 17, 2016

Join our Individual Development Plan workshop on Thursday, March 17, from 2:30 to 4pm Central time and learn how to conceptualize, draft, and act on your own Individual Development Plan (IDP). Click here to register for the workshop.

Source: Join Our Individual Development Plan Workshop (Mar. 17, 2016) | CIRTL Network

This workshop is designed for graduate students and post-docs looking to identify and set personal goals.  Get help creating the documents that will assist you when talking with your supervisors about career goals.

Register NOW, there are only 50 seats available.

Active Note Taking

I found an interesting learning module at Lynda.com on note taking. The presenter shares several types of note taking techniques. The mind map philosophy of taking notes caught my eye. This module is written for the work environment but easily transfers to the graduate school world.


When you are in the mood to do a little productive procrastinating or if you are feeling challenged taking notes, watch this 48 minute video. Don’t have time for an hour video, skip around easily between the different topics.


Topics include:

  • Exploring the keys to active listening
  • Focusing on the ideas
  • Capturing an action plan
  • Brainstorming
  • Taking notes while reading
  • Creating to-do lists, project plans, and meeting notes

My personal note taking preference was using the Cornell style notetaking with a Livescribe pen. I have dropped the Livescribe pen for work notetaking but still embrace the Cornell format. I have attached an example of the Cornell template.